"High Quality Company" to satisfy customers is the main goal of Tama Kagaku Kogyo Co.,Ltd. with the sincerity.

We have established the company in 1962, and since then done the business of manufacturing and sales of synthetic organic chemical products.

Mr.Kihachi Tamai, who is a founder of our company, has set the fundamental goal and it came to be a management policy which means "We must become the company of top brand products supplier in the world." And now through the use of capacity to be parallel with the top level in the world, we have contributed to the development of Japanese economy. But the economic situation in Japan has dramatically changed in 1990s, and due to the change of situation it is inevitable for us to comply with the request to "Quality" from "Quantity". Recently we have invested and employed various type of staff for the research and development and quality assurance division in addition to the main division of manufacturing, We, ourselves, want to do and maintain the job in a full manner through the perfect production, all creativity of individual employees, and compatibility in a flexible attitude under the motto of "Good Process", "Good Technology", and "Good manufacture".

Chemistry in the 21st century will realize"Creativity" and will be "Harmony with Environment".

We are the challengers, who have affluent creative ability with new sense and constant mind for research, and comply with the request of customers. And at the same time we would like to be a "High Quality Company" along with harmonious and cooperative enterprise with the society.

Yoshio Igarashi
CEO & President
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