Development Division

The policy of R&D division is to make the chemical process in safe and sound ways speedily focusing on the combination with customers and good design.

We prepare the test products of various organic chemical like pharmaseutial intermediates, agricultural intermediates and functional materials in the low cost and high quality by means of process in a respective scale through laboratory, bench and pilots. Committed products will be effected the establishment of way of manufacturing suitable for the production in a plant on the one hand. On the other hand the cooperation with universities will enable us to research and develop effectively and efficiently the new products, and we will exert an effort for the tomorrow chemistry, pursuing for the better and affluent society.

 AddressF 22 shin-machi Yashio-Shi Saitama 340-0807, Japan

Pilot Plant

  Material Size,Volume Number Limitation


Reactor GL 1000L 1

`10`125 Vac

Reactor GL 500L 2 `10`125 Vac
Reactor GL 100L`200L 2 `10`125 Vac
Centrifuge ETFE 24inch 1  
Filter Dryer GL 500L 1  
Conical Dryer fk 200L 1 125 Max@Vac
Heat Exchanger fk 52 2  

@SUS Stainless Steel
@fk Glass Lined
@ETFE Tetra Fluoroethylene Copolymer

Pilot plant  
ETFE Centrifuge   NS-GL(Conical Dryerj
ETFE Centrifuge   NS-GL(Conical Dryerj
GL ReactoriFullzonej   GL Reactor
GL ReactoriFullzonej   GL Reactor