Yashio Plant

Yashio Shinsui Park
Yashio Shinsui Park

We are going along with customers for their satisfaction through organic chemical products.

Yashio Plant-The 3rd factory
The 3rd Plant

Yashio Plant , which is based on flexibility , produce various kinds of organic chemical products with its own equipment capability, manufacturing technology, and quality system. The technology and development, having a long history and experience, have enabled us to comply with customers request of supply for high quality products witout any failure, properly, and quickly.

29 shin-machi Yashio-Shi
Saitama 340-0807, Japan

Main Equipments

  Material Size,Volume Number Limitation
Reactor GL `5‚3 19 `10Ž`150Ž
Reactor GL 5‚3`10‚3 40 `10Ž`150Ž
Autoclave GL 6‚3 1 150Ž @1Mpa
Autoclave GL 4‚3 1 150Ž @1Mpa
Reactor SUS `5‚3 13 `10Ž`150Ž
Reactor SUS 5‚3`14‚3 17 `10Ž`150Ž
Centrifuge SUS 40inch`60inch 7  
  RL 40inch 6  
  ETFE 40inch 3  
Filter Press PP 2‚2`10‚2 4  
Leaf Filter SUS 2‚2`10‚2 4  
  PP 0.5‚2 1  
Conical Dryer ‚f‚k 2‚3`4‚3 4 `150Ž Vac
  SUS 2.5‚3 1 `150Ž Vac
Rotary Dryer SUS 4‚3 1 `150Ž Vac
  HS 4‚3 1 `150Ž Vac
(Packed Tower )
‚f‚k 6‚3 1 0.4Pa Vac
  SUS 2‚3 1 0.4Pa Vac
Centrifugal Thin Film-Evaporator SUS 1.5‚3 1 0.1Pa Vac

@SUS Stainless Steel
@‚f‚k Glass Lined
@R‚k Rubber Lined
@ETFE Tetra Fluoroethylene Copolymer
@PP PolyPropylene Plastics
@HS Hastelloy

Multipurpose plant    
Reactor Reactor
Conical Dryer   Control room

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